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How does Worldpay Select Invisible account work on Click2Sell?


I am currently using WorldPay and would like to use Click2Sell with it. I have reached the point where I realize that I need to have Worldpay Select Invisible account to be able to do this. I understand that Worldpay Select Invisible mode is a service that allows me to capture credit card details from my own server but thats the extent of my understanding. I don’t understand how click2sell fits into this process? Perhaps a flow diagram explaing how interaction between the customer, my server, click2sell and worldpay select invisible works would be useful.

I need to understand this because I currently collect information prior to payment such as username, password, email, url and then use this to setup their account when I get the callback from worldpay. I then receive a futurepay callback periodically.

Does using the worldpay select invisble account mean that I don’t have to pass people to worldpay to capture the credit card details? Can I continue to use my existing payment notification script to receive payments? Where does click2sell fit in to this process?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your questions regarding Worldpay Select Invisible account mode and it’s relation to Click2Sell. I would like to answer all your questions one by one and explain how everything works.

1) Since you have a Worldpay merchant account, you have to upgrade it to Worldpay Select Invisible mode. This mode allows you to process direct credit card payments from your customers right on Click2Sell Checkout pages for your product. When you have your Worldpay Select Invisible account configured on Click2Sell.EU, our system will automatically connect to your Worldpay merchant account (in background) and process all the payments. You won’t have to redirect customers to Worldpay payment pages. Customers will see only Click2Sell Checkout form. So this means, that our system acts as ‘your own server’ and captures all credit card details from your customers. Then our system passes that data to Worldpay to approve and process the transaction.

2) The working principle is simple:
a) customer clicks on Click2Sell Buy Now button for your product (on your website) and gets redirected to our payment pages
b) customer enters his credit card details on Click2Sell checkout form and clicks on Buy Now! button
c) Click2Sell process the transaction and sends all the data to Worldpay. Worldpay is left ‘invisible’, because customer actually doesn’t know that the payment was processed by Worldpay. He will see Click2Sell payment page only. Once our system gets an approval from Worldpay that the card authorization is successfull, it will:
d) redirect the customer to your provided thank-you page to download your product.

So choosing Worldpay Select Invisible account mode is really simple process for your customers to pay for products. Moreover, Click2Sell system will send you a callback once the transaction is completed via Click2Sell API. You don’t have to use Worldpay’s API separately, since our API will pass all the required transaction and customers information to your scripts.

So now, I can clearly answer your question: using Worldpay Select invisible account mode means that you won’t have to send people to your Worldpay payment pages to pay for a product since they will pay for your product on Click2Sell payment pages.

You can also continue using your existing payment notification script to receive notifications about sales from Worldpay. However, you can also re-configure it to work with Click2Sell.EU API, so the data will be passed by our servers. You will get much more data using our API about your customer and whole transaction.

Have a nice day!
Egidijus, Click2Sell.EU Support Team!

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