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How to place additional text on checkout page


I’d like to place additional text on checkout page, because my products prices vary depending on the destination country. So the product I am uploading has 100 different prices, I wished to place a text message that said “from”, but was not allowed to. How can I mention that the price varies, so that people do not get turned down after a price jump?

Hi Tomas,

You can easily place additional text on checkout page by navigating in your account to:
For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings –> Configure product pages –> Thank-you page
and enter some information for your product, for customers i.e. ‘Note that a tax will be added to your purchase which depends on your country’ or something like that. Then the customers will know that you charge a certain fee and won’t be turned off by seeing an increase in price.

I hope this solves your problem. If you have some special requirements, please, let me know.

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