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How to set different pricing for products?


when i do set up my product in the system, how do i add more than 1 price? do i have to make up the product 3 times for 3 prices or is there an easier way so i make sure all the prices are linked to 1 cookie for affiliates.

Dear Michael,

Currently Click2Sell.EU allows a dynamic pricing option: You can set i.e. $10 for first 10 customers, then $20 for another 50 customers and $30 for the rest. This way our system will automatically increase (or might decrease) the price for your products after a number of purchases. If this model doesn’t suit you, simply create 3 different versions of your product and price them accordingly.

You can be sure that as long as you have your products with Click2Sell.EU payment buttons, it doesn’t matter which product is actually promoted. Your affiliate will receive all the commissions for their referred customers, even if they order a separate product. You don’t have to do anything on your side to tie up all the products, they are already tied by Click2Sell.EU.


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