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Need more upsell options for products


I want to offer a second option for my membership product. I want to offer a trial membership for $24.95 with an upsell for an additional $72.05 to my $97 full price. I don’t know how to make this happen, but need it to. Any help is appreciated, I think using this approach will lead to great conversions.


Dear Richard,

Thank you for contacting us on how to set up your product with other options. As far as I understand you sell one product on Click2Sell.EU, but would like to offer your clients a 2nd and 3rd versions of product with another price as an upsell offer. You can do this easily. Simply navigate to: For Merchant — Add Product page and add all your three (or even more) versions of your product on Click2Sell.EU. One product will be the main, while others will be like options. Set them up as separate products. For all products you can use the same sales page and/or thank-you page, it doesn’t matter. The only difference it to set the other price and of course – select if product should be displayed on the Marketplace (or not). You can easily set up your main product and display it on the marketplace (let’s say it’s priced $24.95), while other product’s versions could be set up by adding the new different products, selecting the other prices and making them not to be shown on the Marketplace (you can select this option on the product’s addition steps). Then on your upsell page simply place the payment buttons for your $72.05 or $97 products, while the main sales page could have $24.95 (main product priced). Then you will be able to upsell all your products to the customers.

I hope this explains everything well enough. If you have any questions or just need some help setting up your upsell offers, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!


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