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How subscription pricing works?


Hi, I’d like to know more about how subscription pricing works? I’ve added a new product and the question is that why it become $1 for first 7 days and $9.97 for every 7 days where by right it should show $9.97 for every 30 days. Please advice me on this. Thanks

Dear Khairul,

We have added this option for i.e. first X days and then later Y amount every Z days just to allow much more flexibility for merchants. Some merchants do offer their subscription based products as a trial version. They offer them for i.e. $1 for first 7 days and then $30 every 30 days, etc… If you want to price your product $9.97 right from the first day, just enter $9.97 for the first N days and then $9.97 for every¬†30 days and all your customers will be charged the same amount of money. The first period of payment is made to allow those test trial periods.

I hope this answers all your questions.

Best regards,
Click2Sell Affiliate Network

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