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How to pay affiliates?


I’d like to know how to pay affiliates, because right now, I have 2 affiliates for my digital product. One of them has already made 2 sales. Up to this point, I’m still confused about the method of paying my affiliates. Do I have to do it manually? Or do you automatically deduct their commission from my earnings each time a sale is made? Do I pay them myself? Or do you pay them? Does the affiliate receive an email notification each time he makes a sale? At least he must me updated about his performance! Please answer all my questions! I want to satisfy my affiliates and give them the service that they deserve. Sincerely, Verniel.

Dear Verniel,

Thank you for your questions. I would like to answer them all one by one.
1) Yes, you will have to pay your affiliates manually. Don’t worry. It’s a very easy process. On the 1st day of a new month the settlements to pay your affiliates will be generated by our system. Just navigate to the Payments section in your account and you will see them. Near each affiliate payment there will be a ‘Pay’ button. Just click on that button and you will be able to complete the payments for your affiliates. If you want, you can use a Mass Payment button option and pay all your affiliates at once – just one click and our system will pay them.

2) Since you get the payments right after sale to your Paypal or any other payment processors account, we do not deduct the affiliate payment from that amount. You get the full amount and then later – pay your affiliates.

3) Yes, affiliates and merchants always receive an e-mail notification every time they make a sale, so they are definitely informed about their performance.

I hope that i answered your question about how to pay affiliates. If you have anything more to add, please, feel free to share your thoughts. We will do our best to help you!


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