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Setting Up A Subscription


Hi guys Trying to set up a monthly subscription product. The plan is
to offer a 7 day FREE trial so I need period 1 to be 7 days at £0 (
your system will not allow this – it only accepts £0.01 as a minimum
figure. Clearly, I cannot go charging people £0.01 when the intention
is a FREE 7 day period. Then I want to charge £57 per month after the
7 dau trial. I have set this second payment at 1 monthly intervals BUT
when I run a test it displays as 7 monthly intervals. Please help.

Currently it is not possible to setup £0 initial price due to PayPal
restrictions (they want to charge at least one penny to setup a

So at this time you will need to simply ask your customer to purchase a
subscription (which you would setup in the normal way).
I understand and agree that’s not the same. It is just a work-around for
the current situation.

Setting a subscription without initial charge is in our development
plan, however the development time for it is not set yet.

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