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How to protect ebook file with a password?


We worked on our site some this weekend and wanted you to check it out
to see if we are up to par…

Also, is there a way to dynamically password protect our e-book file?
Could you give me more information on this?


I just checked your website and all the configurations – everything is set
up correctly. The buy now button is placed, a link to affiliate program page
is also placed. So now you are set up and ready to run :)
Yes, you can protect your ebook with a password. I guess your ebook is in
PDF format? All PDF ebook compilers such as Adobe Acrobat, etc. has a
feature to protect the pdf content file with a password. So you should
search for this feature in your ebook compiler. If you don’t find, then
might want to Google for ‘protect pdf files’ and see the search results. I’m
sure you will be able to find some software to protect your ebook files with
a password.

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