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Is it necessary to upload product files to your servers?


I have products I want to sell and here is an example of one of them. It is already set up that when someone buys it they pay me through paypal on the site. After they purchase they get sent the file through my software company. They said that all you would need is this link and not upload files or thank you pages. Can I set up my product sites on clicksell using the link I have and bypass the upload file since it is already set up? Thanks

Thank you for your questions regarding the need to upload your product files to our secure servers. You don’t have to upload your product’s files to our secure servers if you don’t use our default thank-you page. This option is optional. If you don’t use this option, all you have to do is just to provide a link to your product’s download page (thank-you page) where the buyer will be redirected right after the purchase. This way you won’t have to upload your product files to our servers. So yes, you can set up your product sites on our system using your product download links and bypass our file upload feature.

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