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Won’t let me change my product file


I have been trying to change my product file on the servers and it
will not let me. I have made an important update to my product and I
try to upload the new file under my current product. When I upload the
new file and save it, it says “changes have bee successfully saved”,
but when I look at my product it is the same OLD file in the product.
Please help me with this issue.

We didn’t notice or receive any complaint about file re-upload function
lately, so it’s a strange issue.

Just for your information, filename in our server isn’t changed after
file re-uploading because it is the same as Product Name.
So you should pay attention to file size which is shown in bytes. Is it
different from your updated file?

If it is or you’re not sure, please send me your file and I will check
myself if there is any problem with file re-uploading.
Also I will update your file to the new one.

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