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Hello, Can I edit the page which is seen after clicking the buy link?
I notice that when directed to Paypal, my account email address is
shown on upper left. Can I change that to the domain name of my site?
Is there any tutorials for this kind of settings? Thanks in advance!

That’s a very good question and I’m glad you asked it.

That page is in PayPal system, so if you want to make changes, you need
to login to your PayPal account.

Now, if you want some kind of name/text to be shown on that corner, you can:

a) simply upgrade your PayPal account to Business type. There are no
fees for doing this and it is a quick procedure.
If your current PayPal account is “Regular”, to make it “Premier” type
you need to go to “Profile” section. In the left column, click the
“Upgrade Account” link and follow the instructions provided.
Then, to upgrade from a Premier to a Business account, go to “Profile”
section again and click on “Business Information” link, and follow the
instructions provided.
After doing all this, your specified “Business Name” will be shown in
the upper left corner.

b) you can upload an image to be shown on the top of the checkout page.
Please go to “Profile” section and click on “Custom Payment Pages” on
the right column.
There you will be able to make changes. Make sure that your image is
uploaded in secured server (if you don’t upload it to a secure server
your browser will display an “Insecure Items On Page” error message and
this could put off your buyers).

I hope I have explained both steps clearly enough.

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