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Browsers security warnings on modified checkout page


Thank you for addressing my question. I have since opened an Authorize.NET account to handle credit card orders.

I have another very important question:

When I visit my checkout page I get all kinds of security “red flags” in my browser.

Google Chrome says “This page contains some insecure elements”

IE actual displays a pop-up before loading the page that days “this page contains both secure and nonsecure elements – do you want to display the nonsecure elements? Yes/No”

Opera and Firefox both seem OK, but I am concerned about these warnings and the effect it will have on my customers. Please advise.

Thank you

I just checked your customized checkout page and got the same ‘insecure elements’ warnings. These are normal browser’s errors when the page on httpS:// (secure connection) is loaded, but there are some elements like images, links on that page that drives visitors to simple http:// pages (unsecured connection). Because of this Internet browsers give errors. I noticed that you customized the checkout page in order to make it look and suit your whole page better. You placed your own image on the top of the checkout page. The error is given because your placed top image link links to an image file on http:// server.
Please, tell me if your server supports https:// secure connections protocol? I mean, can you load your website with https:// ? If so, then just replace your image’s location url from http:// to https:// and such errors won’t be given. If your server does not support https:// connections and you cannot load an image using https:// , then please, send us your image file and we will place it on our secure servers and then modify your image url on your checkout page accordingly.

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