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Are payment buttons placed correctly?


Hello, Egidijus,
I think I got the page set up alright.
Can you check it out and tell me if I put the buttons in correctly?
If you see any other ways to improve the page let me know.

I just checked your sales page and all the order links are placed correctly. However, I have noticed that you use only a simple a href= links to link straight to checkout page. These links work without any problem, however since you don’t use our provided java script buttons, you won’t be able to track your sales page visitors, websites referring visitors and even keywords that will convert visitors into sales. So I would like to suggest you to place at least one Click2Sell.EU buy now button with a java script code in order to track everything about your sales page visitors.

If you want to use your own buy now images instead of Click2Sell.EU provided ones, please, just edit the javascript code and replace the image .png file with your own url to your product’s image.

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