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Buy Now tracking


Good day
I see your Buy links incorporate a javascript tag – as far as I understand, it tracks visitors and keywords used to reach the page, etc. However, it is slowing down my page loads, and I’m already using Google Analytics. Would it affect the purchase process in any way if I removed the script tags?

Dear Wogan,

Thank you for contacting us. Well, javascript code does not add a better page loading experience, however, this code is used to track all stats about visitors, websites and search engines referring visitors/customers, keywords, etc. So if you do not intend to use such statistical data you can remove the javascript code and use only simple a href links to your order page. It won’t affect the sales process. I would suggest you to use direct a href links on your page, while add that part of javascript code at the bottom of your website, this way the javascript will be loaded at the end and won’t affect your overall page loading speed.


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