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Order links customization


Hi, I have a question regarding Click2Sell order links customization. I would like to use a custom image as my order button (instead of the order buttons provided in the merchant area). How can I do this? I would also like to be able to use a text link as an order link, but I would like to be able to customize the text in the order link (the text order link provided in the merchant area says “order now” – the text cannot be customized). How can I do this? (The reason I would like to customize the order button as well as the text in the order link, is because my testing shows that these factors can make a big difference in sales.) Please let me know how I can do these. Thanks.

Great to hear such good questions! These are very good questions and I completely agree with you that such
factors influence conversions quite strongly. So, i’ll answer them one by one.

1. Changing buy now button’s image. Let’s take a look on “buy-now” button code. There is an example one (code lines are very long, so they can be breaking in the middle):

[script type=”text/javascript” src=””> [script type=”text/javascript” >[!– generateBuyNowButton(“”,“,””,”3692″);

Please find such line which is bolded. As you see, that part is just a simple URL to image’s location in the Internet. So if your custom image is located in, you just need to replace that URL with your own picture’s URL (just be careful not to remove any other symbol accidentally).

The result of your modification would look like:

[script type=”text/javascript” src=””> [script
type=”text/javascript” >[!–generateBuyNowButton(“”,“,””,”3692″);

That’s all. After doing this you will have your own custom desing Buy Now button. Just keep in mind that any other change in the code (like altering spacing to make it look more “compact”) can give errors in reports.

2. Order links customization.
Unfortunately, it can’t be changed as it is needlessly “hard-coded”. It is in our to-do list to make it customizable. In the meantime, I suggest you to do such thing:

a) Just use your direct buy-link for simple a href links (you can find your direct link this way: “For Merchant” -> click on “Buy Now Links” link -> the first bolded link).

b) Then put somewhere the button’s code (you can use virtually invisible image of 1px size). This will provide you all the necessary tracking (plain a href link can’t track visitors, views, referral statistics and
so on).

I hope that I explained everything clearly enough. Please let me know if you have more questions or need further explanations!

Vytis Vyskupaitis
Click2Sell.EU – Click2Sell Affiliate Marketing Network!

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