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Paypal does not allow to buy a product


I went to the checkout page and wanted to buy product with Paypal and it won’t let me in. Could it be that you need my Paypal email address to process the sale? If so, where do I update my info, I tried the profile section and found nothing. I find it interesting that my Paypal Email address doesn’t show when you are transferred to the checkout page.

Dear Wilfredo,

Thank you for your questions regarding the purchase processes (buy product with PayPal). Once you signed up on Click2Sell.EU, the first signup form asked for your Paypal e-mail address, so if you have entered it there, your Paypal account should be used to accept payments instantly. Please, login to your Click2Sell.EU account and visit: My Profile –> My Payment Processors and check if Paypal account is shown on your account.

I think your Paypal account is already set up. The Paypal did not let you complete the purchase just because you used the same Paypal account to buy product and to receive the money. You need to have two different Paypal accounts: one to receive money (should be set up on Click2Sell.EU Payment processors page) and the 2nd one to use once you perform a purchase.

Paypal e-mail address should not be shown on the checkout since Paypal in most cases use your business name, etc. to display. Please, try it out again. If you still have these problems, please, e-mail me your product’s checkout page link and I will personally check it out for you.

Wilfredo, I look forward to hearing from you!


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