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Whenever a costumer pays for the product, this message shows up:
Payment failed Please, check your information and try again later. Error code: -9000002 Error message:
Wrong receiver email=

That was the first email that I registered with Click2Sell, however I changed it to another. One is the primary email, however, I added another one to the list of emails in Paypal, so I can receive payments there to. I would like some assistance on this matter, please.


I’m very glad that you asked about this issue. Error code -9000002 is given by our fraud protection and prevention system when Paypal’s primary and secondary e-mail addresses don’t match. It looks like you have entered your secondary Paypal’s e-mail address on Click2Sell.EU, so when you are trying to purchase the product, Paypal returns us 2 different e-mail addresses: 1st one which is entered on Click2Sell.EU and the 2nd one – your primary Paypal’s e-mail. When these 2 e-mails don’t match, it triggers our fraud protection/prevention system and it doesn’t allow the customer to proceed further. In order to fix this issue you have to either:
1) change your Paypal’s e-mail address on Click2Sell.EU to your primary one
2) login to Paypal and re-select your primary e-mail, so that it would match with the one entered on Click2Sell.EU

Then Paypal system will return the same e-mail address during the transaction process to Click2Sell.EU and everything will work just fine. As I have noticed already, it looks like you have solved this problem yourself, since you’ve made a sale. Anyway, if you need some further explanations about this or just need some help with setting up your products, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!


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