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How to change e-mail address of my Paypal account and make it primary


I have log in to my click2sell account and I want to change my PayPal email address as it is currently shown zhiqiangfa@

I have go to “My Profile”, “My Payment Processors”.

Under the “Your payment processor accounts”, it shows me that the email login as zhiqiangfa@ I want to change it to support@ but I am not able to change it.

When people come to my website and click on the order link, they will still see my email as zhiqiangfa@ but I want my email address support@ to be shown instead.

Please help.

Thank you.

Then you have to configure your support@ e-mail address on your Paypal account as primary. Why? Otherwise the sales won’t go through because of our fraud protection system. You see: Paypal returns 2 e-mail addresses with the transaction information. These 2 e-mail addresses must match since some unfair people try to change one e-mail address as their own and get the product by actually sending the money to themselves. We have this fraud protection system that ensures the protection of the payment and product.

If you want to use your support@ e-mail address, please, go to your Paypal account and set this e-mail as your primary. Then go to: My Profile –> My Payment Processors –> Paypal (click on it) and change your e-mail. Don’t forget to remove the white blank space after the end of your e-mail and all other fields otherwise the system won’t let you save this information.

Once you have this set up, the Paypal will pass your support@ e-mail address as primary e-mail address and sales will work without any problem.

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