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PayPal payment recipient problems



I just made my first successful test buy for my product, but I have a few questions/concerns:

1. My main account e-mail at PayPal is sales@ . However, for this product I have added info@ to my PayPal account. When I set the receiving account for this product at info@ it gives me errors saying that the payment is sent to the wrong account. Please let me know how to fix this so that payments for this product are sent to info@ instead of sales@.

2. Is it possible to specify what is used as the PayPal header text when the purchase is being made?
It looks much better if I’m able to use the name of the product as the header text, instead of the email address that is receiving the payment (which is another reason to use info@ as the receiving end for payments, see #1 above). Please let me know how and where to specify the header text at PayPal. Obviously this information is sent by Click2Sell, so it must be possible to change it as wel… Many thanks in advance, please let me know if you need clarification.

I look forward to your prompt response (I’m waiting for it to start promoting my product).

Best regards,

Dear Quincy,

Thank you for all your questions regarding the configuration of your Paypal account. Now, I will answer them one by one with all the explanations, so you would better understand the whole process.
1) Today we have noticed in our servers’ logs that you were trying to send a payment to your info@ account, however you’ve got a ‘wrong receiver error’. The Paypal returned a wrong e-mail response thus our fraud protection and prevention system didn’t let you go further. Then we noticed from another log that you have fixed this issue by changing your e-mail to sales@ and then the test purchase went just fine.

Actually there is an issue with your Paypal’s account configuration on Click2Sell.EU and your own Paypal account.
The problem is that you have added a few email addresses to your PayPal account. The main email address (sales@) in your PayPal account is
different from your entered PayPal address in Click2Sell (info@).

So once a purchase takes place, PayPal returns us a different PayPal email which doesn’t match with your PayPal email in Click2Sell, thus anti-fraud prevention doesn’t allow you (or buyers) to continue, since it’s not possible to verify if the payment was transfered to the correct person (you).

To solve this problem you have two ways:

a) Make info@ as main PayPal mail (in PayPal account options).


b) Replace info@ to sales@ in Click2Sell account (just like you did now) (My Profile -> My Payment Processors)

After doing one of these, your main PayPal email and email address entered in Click2Sell will match and thus anti-fraud protection won’t be triggered. Right now I see that you have changed your PayPal mail to sales@ , so now everything works just fine. Your customers won’t come to dead-end until you make
necessary changes.

If you are satisfied with such change, then you don’t need to do anything more. If you decide to do A scenario, then don’t forget to re-map PayPal account in your Click2Sell account (My Profile -> My Payment Processors).

If you have any question or need further explanations, just let me know!

2) Yes, it is possible to specify for Paypal which header text to show. Such things are configured on your Paypal account. Just login to your Paypal account and go to your Profile. There you will find selling/merchant’s settings. Just go to: Profile –> Account Information – Business Information link. And then enter your Business Name. Then this information will be shown on Paypal’s payment pages – as header text.

I guess I have answered all your questions. Quincy, if you have anything more to add or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you! Please, let me know how it goes.


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