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Hi There, I just joined and I am in the process of getting my product
set up and ready to sell. I just have a few of questions. Here they are:

1. Can I track each individual affiliate, and how many sales they make
per month? The reason I ask is because I am going to offer all
affiliates a $1,000 bonus if they exceed 50 sales each month.

2. When I am paying my affiliates, can I pay the top performing ones
the performance through the system, or should I just send it to them
via my Paypal account?

3. Which part in the code can I change so that I can use my own
payment button graphics?

4. To take the 7 day trial, I charge my customers $1.97 for the 7
days. I have set my commission rate to 50% for affiliates. So how does
this work exactly? I read that your fee for this price would be $1.00.
So would the affiliates get 50% of the 97 cents?

5. When selling my product, each customer gets a 7 day trial where
they only pay $1.97. After the trial period, they would be charged
$97. How can I make it so that there is only one rebill? When I choose
the “subscription product” option, it allows me to enter 4 fields. The
first two allow me to enter $1.97 and 7 days for the trial period. The
next two allow me to enter $97 for the rebill, however I only want the
rebill to happen once. What should I enter into the last field so the
charge only happens once?

I look forward to speaking with you!

Hello again Ryan,

let me answer your questions one by one.

1) Yes, of course, you can track each of your affiliates. You will know
exactly how many sales, visitors every each day certain affiliate has
brought. I attached a screenshot (myaffiliates.png) how it looks in one
merchant’s account. You can set custom commission percentages to some of
your affiliates (so you can reward well performing affiliates by raising
their commission rate).

2) We require that merchants would pay their affiliates via our system.
In the beginning of every month you will receive invoices to pay
commissions and fees in “Payments” section in your Click2Sell account.
Paying commissions via Click2Sell will let us know that you have really
paid your affiliates.

3) You will need to change just URL of the image. Please see this
article which explains how to do that:

4) Affiliate commission amount is calculated by a simple formula:
product price * affiliate commission percentage. So you will need to pay
a commission of $1.97 * 0.5 = $0,98.

5) Currently subscriptions are endless. A customer is recharged until a
subscription is cancelled by him/her or by a seller. So you will need to
cancel a subscription yourself after second payment. We have plans to
implement finite subscriptions in near future, however no development
deadline is set for this feature yet.

I hope I explained everything clearly enough.
If you have more questions or need further explanations, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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