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We got our account set up, so we will get it integrated with C2S soon.

A question: We want to have recurring billing (installment payments, so people can split their payment over 2 or 3 months). Should we sign up for the Automated Recurring Billing service? Is that set to work with C2S? There is a monthly fee, so if you don’t use it, then no point in us singing up for it.

Here is their information:

Implement With Ease – ARB provides multiple methods for creating subscriptions, including the ability to integrate your Web site directly to the service using our ARB application programming interface (API).



Dear Ed,

Thank you for contacting us.
Yes, Click2Sell.EU system does support Automated Recurring Billing service, however, we have it working on our own system. This way you don’t have to signup for that service on and pay the money. Simply just set up your account on Click2Sell.EU (go to My Profile –> My Payment Processors –> Add and then you will be able to sell membership access to your website. Our system will handle all recurring billings, so you don’t have to sign up anywhere additionally and worry about that. Your only job is to sell as much as you can :)

Ed, if you have any other questions, just let me know.


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