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Do I have to sell a product in order to promote Click2Sell Referral program?


Hi, I am new to Click2Sell and I just have a quick question. I would like to promote your referral program to other affiliates and merchants I am affiliated with. Is there any qualification process. Where I need 5 sales with 4 different credit cards or am I free to start signing people up right now. Or do I need to sell some product first? Many Thanks! Damon

Dear Damon,

Thanks for asking about how to promote Click2Sell referral program and it’s qualification process. I would like to tell you that there are no ‘approval’ or ‘qualification’ processes to become Click2Sell referral program participant. You can start signing up people – merchants and affiliates – right now. You will earn commissions from their incurred fees on our system. Moreover, you can also start promoting other merchant’s products from Click2Sell Online Marketplace or sell your own products – there are no waiting periods or anything like that. It is not obligatory to sell some products first if you want to refer new merchants or affiliates to Click2Sell Affiliate Marketing Network. You should get your referral program link and start advertising it for interested people. On our Affiliate Network you are welcome to start and make money online right now!

If i can help you more, feel free to contact me.

Have a nice day!,
Egidijus, Support Team

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