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How to track sales on Click2Sell?


r Jan,

Thank you for your questions regarding sid to track sales. If you want to track your sales through different tracking channels, just visit:
For Merchant — My Products — Tracking Channels section (click on a certain product) and you will be able to create separate tracking channels for your product to track sales/visitors and all other data.
If you are an affiliate and want to track your affiliated product sales, just navigate to: For Affiliate — My Campaigns — Stats (click on a certain promoted product) and there you will be able to create your own
unique affiliate links with tracking ids to track all your sales, visitors, referral sources and much more.

I hope this will help you to track all your sales. If you have any more specific questions or just need some help configuring your tracking channels, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you!


How can I get the sid to track my sales?

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