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My website and possibility to promote others products


Hello support team, your product seems to be great and I do need some
help: I saw that I can promote others products and sell them (not having my own) from
the MARKETPALCE. I do have a Domain which I would like to transfer to
another hosting company. Can I use this one or do I have to get
another webpage? How do I download/or upload products to this webpage
(if I can use it?) Wauo, a lot of questions, I hope you will have some
patience with me. Thanks and kind regards.

Hello Ursula,

thanks for contacting us! You can promote others products in two ways:

1) use your default affiliate link. In this way all your referred people will be redirected to merchant’s provided product’s webpage after going through your affiliate link, so there they will find out all the information about the product.

– OR –

2) you can use direct-to-checkout affiliate link (the one with “?checkout” string in the link). This will lead all your referred people directly to your promoted product’s checkout page (skipping merchant’s provided product’s sales page). Of course, you will need to present the product yourself in this case.

In both of these ways you don’t need to download or upload any promoted product. All you need to do is to place your affiliate link which you can get by:
a) clicking on “Promote” link near product you like in Click2Sell online marketplace
b) going to “For Affiliate” section (you must be logged into Click2Sell system) and clicking on “Links” link.

It doesn’t matter if your domain is in one registrar or transferred to another internet domain registrar. The most important and best thing in order to promote others products is to have a website with some good content about things you like (for example domestic animals) and promote products from Click2Sell online marketplace wich are related to domestic animals. This will be best, because visitors who are interested in domestic animals will visit your website and likely can click on your affiliate link (for Example “Buy Ebook 99 Tips How to Train Your Dog!”) and will be directed into merchants homepage, where can buy this ebook (which you are promoting). If sale is successful – you get affiliate commissions! 

Please let me know if you have more questions or need further explanations!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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