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Visits to ads by me


I had posted 146 Ads in The site AdManagement
shows that more than 250 persons had viewed my ads. But under my
Affiliate Reports there is no indication of any views by customers. Why is
this difference? Is there any special method to be adopted so that the
view column show results? Please, clarify..

Hello Chandrasekaran,

thanks for the question! I reviewed your account and saw that you have referred 3 persons in total (to see that please login into your Click2Sell account and select longer time period in the upper right corner of the table which you see once you log in).

The difference in statistics of visits to ads is due to the fact that “views” in ads system is not equal to referred visitors in our system. Referred visitor means that a person has clicked on your affiliate link and was redirected to your promoted product’s sales-page. While “Views” only means that your ad was seen by X number of people. In
your case, 250 persons saw your ad, but it doesn’t mean that 250 persons clicked on your affiliate link. In fact, only 3 people have clicked on your affiliate link.

“Views” and “visitors” are different terms and that’s why there is a big difference between them. In order to achieve better click-through-rate you should advertise products to people who are interested¬†in and are looking for such products (for example you should promote products related to music at music lovers forums, websites or fan clubs. But keep in mind that you are not allowed to spam your affiliate links).

If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis – Click2Sell – Innovative Affiliate Network!

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