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PayPal payment failed


I added product for merchant shop but have error when i try credit card
method , this is message appear : “Payment failed. Please, check your
information and try again later. Error code: 10501 Error message: This
transaction cannot be processed due to an invalid merchant
configuration” My paypal is business , i don’t know reason

Hello Rafael,

This error message means that your PayPal account is not suitable for your chosen payment method. I reviewed your account and saw that you chose PayPal as your credit card payments gateway. That is the problem. “Business” PayPal account can’t be used for direct credit card processing (customers still can purchase your product using their credit cards, but they need to go to PayPal checkout form). You need to have PayPal Website Payments PRO account in order to be able to directly accept credit cards payments from
Click2Sell checkout page.

I have taken off your PayPal account from credit card acceptance, so your customers wouldn’t end purchase process in dead-end. As I already said, it doesn’t mean that your customers won’t be able to pay with credit cards at all. They will just need to go to PayPal checkout page and there they will be able to use their credit cards.

I hope I have explained everything clearly enough. Please let me know if you have more questions or need further explanations!

Vytis Vyskupaitis
Click2Sell – Innovative Affiliate Network Online

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