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I don’t want to pay affiliate who bought a product through his own link



I would like to inquire about an individual named Guilliano who was clever enough to actually sign up as my affiliate and then made a purchase through his own affiliate link in an attempt to get a 50% discount on receipt of my product.
This seems a bit unfair.

Kind regards

Dear Ryan,

Don’t worry about this issue. Such cases is just a part of this business. People always try to order the product and get some money back from their purchase via affiliate links. Every month (on the first few days of a new month) we run through the list of such affiliates and mark their commissions as ‘paid’, so merchants don’t have to pay them. So we will run such check for ‘discount hunters’ (as we call them) and mark their payments as paid, so you won’t have to pay such unfair customer – affiliate. So we should mark your payment for that affiliate as paid. If you find it still ‘unpaid’, please, let us know and we will mark it immediately.

I hope I have answered all your questions. If you have anything more to add, please, let me know.


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