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Cannot Pay Affiliate Because of Paypal Restrictions


Hi, I received your msg to pay all my affil for Sept, which I have done except this one because: tonikay46 Currently PayPal accounts in Togo are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds. $5.70 So, as he cannot accept payments with paypal I cannot pay him.. how do I clear this from my acct so I do not get penalized? thanks

Yes, there is a problem that some of affiliates has a Paypal account, however they cannot receive money since Paypal has prohibits the members of certain countries to receive money. Thank you for reporting this. We will manually e-mail the affiliate and then ask him if the has any other payment processor accounts such as Moneybookers, so this way we could send him money via another payment method. One way or the other, we will mark your affiliate commission payment as ‘paid’ manually, so you can be sure that you won’t be penalized.

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