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Why affiliate payment is pending on my Payments section?


Hi! I sent a payment to my affiliate a few days ago but its status is still pending. Please inform the affiliate to accept the payment as soon as possible. Please, explain, whay affiliate payment is pending? What can i do to change it to “Paid” status. Regards, Waseem

Dear Waseem,

Thank you for informing us that your affiliate payment is pending. We contacted the affiliate and asked him to accept payment, but it depends on him only when he will accept the payment from you. I studied a bit this issue and as I see from our server’s logs, this merchant does not accept multicurrency (USD in this case) payments automatically. So he has to approve them manually. The funds will be cleared when he accepts this or returned to you after the 30 days (if not claimed). The pending status on your Payments section is only for your information purposes. This status does not affect your merchant’s rank, because our system treats this pending status the same as ‘paid’ (since it’s not your fault that affiliate has not accepted the money yet). So don’t worry regarding this. Once affiliate payment is accepted by affiliate, our system will automatically adjust the payment status to completed in your Payments section.


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