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Payments from my sales


Hi Vytis,

Thank you for your insightful and quick reply. I’ve already received my first affiliate so things are starting to get good.

I just have a few more questions:

– If I send refunds from my PayPal account (since my products have a 30 day refund period) and how will the affiliate and Click2Sell script be notified of this? Or will I have to manually tell affiliate that they’ve received a refund from their referral?

– What are the Click2Sell fees since I couldn’t find them listed.

– I mapped my PayPal Business account (not pro) as a credit card account in the mapping menu, and when I try a test purchase it gave an 10550 error. Is this because the PayPal account can’t handle credit card purchases?

– Finally, I also received my first sale but it’s from a PayPal eCheck that is not yet cleared – so is this the reason why the sale is not listed in my Click2Sell account?

P.S. These questions are from my yesterday’s thread, so if you answer these questions by email you don’t have to answer there too so I don’t take much of your time.

Dear Emil,

Keep up the good work :) Soon you’ll have the sales flowing every day. Now I would like to answer all your questions one by one:

1) Refunds: if your affiliate makes a sale, but you (as a merchant) refund that sale after some time, Click2Sell.EU system gets notified immediately from Paypal about your refund. Our system automatically adjust all the
payments, everything and marks the sale as refunded on both your and your affiliates members areas, so you don’t have to tell your affiliate that the sale has been refunded. Click2Sell.EU does it for you.

2) Click2Sell.EU fees can be found on the main page’s green bar: Click2Sell Fees .

3) Processing credit card payments to your Paypal account: you are correct. You must have a working Paypal Website Payments PRO account (US or UK) in order to accept direct credit card payments from your customers straight to
your Paypal account without customers even knowing that their money is sent to your Paypal. Personal or Business accounts won’t work because PRO account is a real merchant account. If you want to process direct credit card
payments to your Paypal account, simply contact Paypal and have it set up. Note you need to be a US or UK resident in order to get a working merchant account.

4) eCheck sales: yes, you are correct. The sale does not appear on your sales reports just because an echeck has not been cleared yet. Usually it takes 5-14 days for an echeck to clear. Once it clears, the sale starts to appear on your account.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you.


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