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my thank you page and downloads


Hello, Im worried about people being able to go straight to my thank
you/download page instead of having to buy the product first. Is there
a way to make sure people buy the product instead of just going to
thankyou.html page?

Hello Matt,

there are some different ways to protect yourself from such people. Let
me mention some of them:

1) You can use premier download page protection softwares like DLGuard
which supports Click2Sell. It is not a cheap software, but it does its
job very well.

2) You may upload your file into our secured server. Your customers who
successfully complete purchases will get a secured download link which
will work for 72 hours. After that the link will no longer work.

3) You may call your thank-you page not just “thankyou.html”, but
“08thankyou02page.html” or just “asdnjknjkfnuifui4566.html” or any other
random name, so it won’t be easily found out.

4) You may not give direct download links in “thank-you” page, but just
add a simple form where you would ask buyers to write their name and
email addresses. Then you would compare their data with payments in
your, let’s say, PayPal account and if it matches then you would send
your product to their email address. However, this method is quite
annoying to buyers as they want to get a purchased product as soon as

These are the most commonly used ways to protect your products.

I hope this helps you.
If you have some questions, just let me know.

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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