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Question About My Affiliate Program (product selling via email communication)


First of all, I must say, you guys sound like a breath of fresh air. I
have a question for you pertaining to me putting my product on your
network. I’m curious about you tracking ability. My normal process for
selling consists of a visitor coming to my landing page and entering
their email for a free mini course on playing guitar in a very unusual
way. From there, I communicate via auto responders over a period of
21 days (about every 3 days). And finally, an offer is made to the
visitor to become a paid member for recurring billings between $27 and
$47 per month. Easy enough.

My questions to you would be:

1) Let’s say fro sake of conversation you are a JV or affiliate for my
product. Now let’s assume you have just sent your visitor to the
landing page described above. Can your organization set cookies or
something that would track the ending sale for the affiliate (in this
example – you). I’d like for every affiliate to be able to use the
same landing page and the end sale be credited to them. I’m currently
creating a unique landing page for each affiliate manually which is
quite troublesome.

2) I guess my next question is do you allow a sales funnel as described.

3) What requirements do you set in terms of what I need to offer as a
refund policy?

I look forward to hearing from you. I’m ready fro a change and quite
frankly, I’ve had it up to my ears with the other so called reputable
affiliate networks.

Hello Jerry,

thanks for contacting us!

Your questions can be answered in a very short, but positive way: yes,
tracking will work just fine in your way of selling products.
As long as you offer to buy a product via Click2Sell, affiliates will
get their commissions if they referred people to your website. Your
landing page doesn’t necessarily need to have Click2Sell buy button.
Just make sure that if a person would decide to buy your product, then
Click2Sell provided buy buttons have to be the only way to order your
product. Otherwise there could be quite a lot of “leaked” sales for your
affiliates if you offer several payment methods.

The only requirement for your Refund policy is just to put it in a
visible place in your website, so that visitors would know their rights.
Everything else is up to you.

I hope I explained everything clearly enough.
If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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