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Hello, I have a sales page where I sell an ebook. On the same page there is the choice to buy the ebook alone, or the ebook plus the audio version of this same ebook. What happens if an affiliate sends a visitor to this page with the affiliate link for the sale of the ebook, but the visitor buys the ebook+audio? Does the affiliate still earn a commission? Thank you.

Hello David,

thanks for contacting us!

Yes, you are right – the affiliate will still get his/her commission for referring you a buyer. Technically speaking, it would be better that the affiliate would be already signed up to your another product’s affiliate program (then he/she would have a better statistics display), however the most important thing will still happen – getting a commission.

Actually you can put as many different products as you want, but your affiliates will be always credited for any referred sale of your products. So no worries about that.

If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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