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Hi. I currently sell a book from my site. I use a “Buy Now” button
supplied through PayPal. I also have another site selling the same
book in eBook format. I use Click Bank as the payment processor here.
I do not wish to change either site. Therefore…my questions are
this… 1) Are you asking that I use your processor =
Click2Sell…exclusively? a) if so…I will create another site to do
so. 2) I noitce you are “.eu”. Can I request U.S. traffic only? Or
not?… Thank you. Dan

Hello Dan,

thanks for contacting us!

I will answer your questions one by one.

1) Yes, buy buttons/links provided by Click2Sell have to be the only
option for your customers to pay. Let me explain why. The thing is that
if in your product’s sales-page there would be several payment options
(let’s say, Click2Sell, PayPal and Clickbank), then there would be a lot
of “leaked” sales for Click2Sell or Clickbank affiliates as both systems
can’t track sales via other payment options (e.g.: Click2Sell affiliate
refers a person to your product’s website. The person decides to buy
your product and he/she chooses PayPal as payment option. The affiliate
won’t receive a commission for referred sale as we can’t track sales via
other payment systems). I hope you understand the point.

By the way, you could consider using Click2Sell button instead of PayPal
button in the first your mentioned website. Everything will stay the
same (you will still get money from sales directly to your PayPal
account), but additionally you will get statistics gathering and an
ability to track and manage your affiliates.

2) In Click2Sell here are no limitations regarding promotions. All
affiliates from all countries are welcome to promote products in Click2Sell.

I hope I explained everything clearly enough.
If you have any other question, just let me know!

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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