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How to signup affiliates for my product


Hi Egidijus,

Thanks, let’s clear a bit of confusion.

I already sell this book since June and I have customers.

I want to send these customers to click2sell so they register and start selling my book because they have an interest in reselling it in the stamp community. So when I introduce these people to click2sell I need a link to the site that I write in an email to them. Is it this page?

The only thing I have not mastered on click2sell is the “Check-out” page versus the “Thank you” page but I will run some tests with my next product that I am going to market from click2sell right from the start.

I am here for the long run with many products so I will master most of your options in a few weeks but let’s start with that single product for now.

Thanks for your time


Dear Gerard,

Thank you for clarifying all the situation. I understand now everything what you need:) So, first of all… If you would like to signup affiliates on your website to promote your products, you can do this easily through our pre-made page for affiliates: (yes, this is that page). If you want to modify the way this page looks, just navigate to:
For Merchant —> My Products —> Edit Settings —> Customize product pages –> Affiliates Page .

You can also make your own page for Affiliates to signup and give all your instructions. It’s very easy to signup and start promoting your product:
1) Just signup on Click2Sell.EU and select a login/username
2) Tell affiliates to replace xxxxxx in this link: with their own Click2Sell.EU login/username (product id is your login name + first 3 letters of your product’s name)
3) That’s all – your affiliates will be able to start promoting the product right away.

Regarding the checkout page and thank-you page.
Checkout page is shown to your potential customer when he/she clicks on buy button on your website to order the product.

Thank-you page is a secret page where a visitor gets redirected right after they complete the purchase (you get the funds) to for example – download your product. This page can also be a page that says ‘Thank you for your purchase! Your product will be shipped today…’

If you want to find out more what you can do on Click2Sell.EU to have everything working as you want: just download Click2Sell.EU user guides from Support –> User Guides section. It should answer at least most of your questions on how to set up and configure your products correctly on Click2Sell.EU.

I hope this answers all your questions. If you have any other questions or just need some help, please, let me know. I will personally help you out to get everything working.


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