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Thank you for the reply. I understand your point about other processors. My concern was just about theĀ  affiliates. If I will put other processor on the sales page like google checkout or other processor to accept credit card will the affiliate still be credited with the sale? Because I thought they will only be credited if the buyer pays thru the payment from your system which is the paypal. Thank you.

To ensure affiliate tracking you need to make sure that all your customers go to Click2Sell checkout form at first where they could select their preferred payment way, if you provide several different payment options.

As I mentioned before, complete list of Click2Sell supported payment gateways is:

So if you have merchant account in any of these systems, please add them in “My Profile” -> “My Payment Processors” page (follow step1 and step2).

Please do not put Click2Sell provided buy buttons AND, let’s say, Google Checkout buttons in the same website. Even though Google Checkout is supported by us, sales via their payment gateway won’t be tracked correctly (and your potential affiliates will lose their commissions), if you add them separately (not via “My Payment Processors” page).

Vytis Vyskupaitis

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