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How to detect suspicious affiliate activity


What should I be looking for as to suspicious activity with a affiliate?


Hi Debbie,

We do our best to detect such scammers ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about it. Anyway, you can always be checking your affiliate’s sales on the account and check for such things like:
1) Visitor/sale ratio – if there are something like 10 visitors and 3 sales (very huge conversion rate), the affiliate could be a potential scammer
2) Bouncing e-mails: if you send an e-mail to your customer and get – no such account (e-mail bounces back), there is a huge change that affiliate is a scammer
3) Check for e-mail patterns: if customers name is something like John Smith, but the e-mail is completely different, i.e. (some non-sense, etc.), there is a high chance that there is no such e-mail and that a sale was a fraudulent.

So you can easily keep on watching for these patterns on your transactions to detect the suspicious affiliates. Then later, you can easily go to: For Merchant –> My Affiliates section and ban that affiliate from promoting your products.
I hope this answers your question on your to detect the suspicious affiliate activity. In case you have any more questions, please, let me know.


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