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How to use pay per click strategy to make affiliate sales


Thank you for taking the time to review my account, I thought sure I would get some sales from the two products with the higher ctr, but you are right, perhaps I need to refine my keyword list and try again. This PPC business is a tricky one and can get expensive in a hurry. I will look through your products and try a couple more. Thanks again!


Hi Greg,

Since you are trying to get the best results from pay per click campaigns, you must definitely refine your keyword lists. I have one interesting strategy and suggestion for you…
Select a product to promote and use only 1-3 keywords with [brackets] on pay per click campaigns to promote it.
For example: you select a product LCD Monitor repair from Click2Sell.EU marketplace.
Then you add a special campaign on your Adwords, Yahoo pcc marketing accounts and then provide only a few the most related keywords, for example:
[lcd monitor repair]
[monitor repair guide]
[repair lcd monitor]

Then for each of these keyword groups you create a special ad that has one or two of these keywords in them… I mean – very related.
Then you bid high for these keywords to get the highest exposure. Even though there are not much exact searches for these keywords, but your ad will be very very targeted and very related (because you use brackets). Then you might pay 1-2$ for a click, but this way you will get very huge click through rates and your ads will be placed on top of search results. Once you gain a good ctr, your bids will decrease, but you will still manage to remain on the same good positions.

This way you can make really good sales. I especially would like to pinpoint that here we concentrate on the targetted market, so even if you receive 10-20 clicks, it might easily result in a sale.
I hope this answers all your questions. If you have anything more to add or just need some help, please, let me know.

Just keep on the good work and you will succeed :)


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