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questions about merchant fraud protection


I have an ebook that I would like to sell, and I believe that after much research, I think that your services are probably the best. Basically I have a question, before I sign up. I have a paypal business account. And I have a digital product I would like to sell (.pdf) but paypals seller protection policy does not protect against chargebacks in the instance of digital downloads. I do not want to have affiliates sell my product, only to have chargebacks filed against me, once I have paid my affiliates. What protection does your service provide for me in this situation? How often does affiliate fraud, or chargeback fraud occur on click2sell? Am i eligible for any of your protection, having only paypal as my payment processor?
A timely thorough response will be greatly appreciated.

Dear Nick,

Thank you for contacting us! As far as I see you are a very smart merchant, since 99% of merchants never think about their protection from affiliate fraud, especially against chargebacks. I guess you had some bad experience in the past? Your questions are very logical, so now I would like to explain how we protect you and your business from affiliates chargebacks. The thing is that there are many scammers online who want to make fraudulent sales and then get the payments from merchants. These sales in most cases results in chargebacks later… We know this since we have to deal with such ‘sellers’ every day. Click2Sell.EU system has a built-in affiliate fraud prevention and checking tools that monitor the affiliate’s activity on the system and all sales they make. So if we detect fraud, we ban the affiliate immediately. I can assure that such scammers never get their affiliate commission. Usually we detect such scammers within 1 sale they make and ban them. When an affiliate is banned the merchant doesn’t have to pay any affiliate commissions to them. In case we detect the possible fraudulent sale, we inform the merchant or simply refund that sale ourselves (if you have your Paypal account’s API data entered on Click2Sell.EU and allow us to make refunds for you in such cases).

Regarding the question how often a fraud occurs on Click2Sell.EU I can say that not oftenly. This is because scammers never get their payment, so it is not worth the time for them to spend and make fraudulent sale on a company who has all anti fraud protection tools and then simply bans their accounts. It’s much easier to go somewhere else and perform illegal sales on those merchant’s websites who (for i.e.) run their own affiliate programs and doesn’t know how to deal with fraud.

Nick, Click2Sell.EU is not only a simple system to sell your product, but we also perform all the fraud checks on your sales, your affiliate’s sales to make sure you won’t have any problems with that. Now, you asked about the possible protection: well, nobody can protect you from chargebacks just because clients might simply order your product, get it and then go to their banks saying ‘I did not authorize this purchase.’ . This is a part of online business. However, when you have the right tools in place and you are protected from affiliate fraud, you shouldn’t have any problem with chargebacks.

I hope this answers all your questions. If you want to know something more or just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to help you. In case you need help setting up your product, let me know.


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