Click2Sell.EU Performance Got Even Better – Some News

Dear Click2Sell blog readers,

It’s almost a month since we posted our last update in this blog… It’s summer… Well, I must admit that the summer is quite slow month compared to other periods of year. Many people go on vacations or just spend time with their families, staying away from their computers and that’s normal.

However, this summer is not slow for all of us – Click2Sell.EU. Even though most of people have their vacations during the summertime, we worked and work hard… really hard on Click2Sell.EU. So now I have some great news to report.

What was done on Click2Sell.EU system during all this month?

This past month was very busy for all Click2Sell.EU team. We had a lot of work to do with Click2Sell – the most important one is that we managed to optimize whole Click2Sell.EU website to perform even better.

We had a lot of requests from our merchants and affiliates to make the system work even faster. The requests varied from making members area faster to improving the product’s checkout page loading speed. So we listened to our members and started to implement all their requests.

First of all, we wanted to reduce Click2Sell.EU server’s response times and reconfigure the webserver in a way to become faster and more responsive. Our members have noticed that sometimes it took a few seconds for a server to respond after the request to load the report or other page.

Moreover, our members wanted to see a faster working checkout page. Some of our members noticed that there are some time-demanding redirects when a customer clicks on a buy now button to order the product. In some cases (especially if tracking channels were used) checkout page was quite slow to load.

Issues with images: many Click2Sell.EU website visitors indicated that the upper bar images are ‘reloaded’ every time they visit a website. Moreover, when browsing through Click2Sell.EU members area, many people told that images are not cached into a browser’s cache, so it was taking some time to load all of them every time the new page was shown. Some images – especially those logos on the main static page – were quite huge in size and because of this they were loaded slowly.

Reports and Marketplace: even though the major reports – General report and Daily report – and the Marketplace were already optimized earlier, however some of our most active members noticed that these reports got a bit slow once again, especially when there is a lot of data on account. Moreover, even though Marketplace was optimized earlier, it became slow too… We had to take action and make all the fixes, so our members wouldn’t have to wait a single second trying to view reports or search for products on the marketplace.

So… What was achieved?

1) We have optimized the whole Click2Sell.EU website’s static content. The html files were reduced in size and cleaned of errors. Due to this reduction the whole page got lower in size.

2) Images were reduced: all Click2Sell.EU website’s images were reduced in size. We managed to reduce the size of all images around 2.5 times, so it really helped making the whole website to load much faster. Because of the static page content and image optimizations, the whole Click2Sell.EU website’s size was reduced from 200kb to 80kb. That definitely increased the website’s speed.

3) Image directories were reconfigured and webserver was un-loaded. In order to reduce the servers’ response times, we wanted to un-load the image and static page content processing off the main webserver. We reconfigured the images in a way, so they are served by another separate webserver, while the main server serves only the data content. This image off-load from the main webserver increased the servers’ response times a lot.

4) Redesigned the whole Click2Sell.EU menu: we made the grey and green bar menu links the plain text links. This allowed us to get rid of a bunch of unnecessary images that served as link names before. Text links look very good now and suits the whole website really well. Because of this the number of requests that browser sends to the webservers to load Click2Sell.EU website was reduced significantly. It resulted in a much improved performance while loading both static pages and members area content.

5) Checkout page speed increased up to 4 times: we optimized the whole Click2Sell.EU checkout page, buy now buttons, removed some unnecessary redirects who caused all the lag. The result – product’s checkout page loading speed increased up to 4 times!

6)  Daily Report was optimized: now it takes only a few seconds to load the huge periods of data – e.g. Last 30 days or This Month. Now all Click2Sell.EU members can easily analyze all their products’ and affiliates’ performance for long time periods.

7) Marketplace was optimized to work even faster. Click2Sell.EU marketplace started to become slow once we hit more than 700 products. We wanted to optimize the marketplace in a way, so that all the pages would be loaded within a second and affiliates wouldn’t have to wait to check all products. We achieved this! Now marketplace doesn’t take a second to be loaded – it literally flies :)

8 ) There were many additional fixes made in the background that are not noticeable to most people. This made the whole Click2Sell.EU system more secure and stable.

9) Click2Sell.EU API was implemented with an additional tweaks to pass data straight to the merchant’s specified location. From now on all merchants are able to set Click2Sell.EU API to notify their databases and scripts to ‘catch’ all the transaction data – buyer’s information. But more about the API on the next post!

I hope you liked reading all these updates. We think that they are very important to all Click2Sell.EU members. So if you have special wishes or requests – feel free to tell us. We do our best to make your dreams come true :)

Have a nice day!

Egidijus Andreika

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  1. NJ Said,

    August 27, 2008 @ 9:15 am

    Great to see Click2Sell step up to the challenges of e-commerce.

    Good luck!

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