Click2Sell General Reports Tweak

General Report on Click2Sell.EU members area were tweaked in order to eliminate one problem that all active members had.

The problem

Click2Sell.EU merchants who sell their products on their own usually have affiliates. Some of them have higher number of affiliates, while others – smaller. Once these merchants login to Click2Sell member area, they see general report of their own and their affiliates performance, so they can see at once, for example, how successful day was yesteday. However, the more affiliates a merchant had, the more overcrowded general report (and all other reports) was, because ‘inactive’ or ‘dead’ affiliates were still displayed on his/her reports.

Who are these my mentioned "inactive or dead affiliates"?
Such affiliate signs up to promote a certain product, get his/her affiliate link and after that he/she:

a) simply doesn’t do anything at all;

b) runs promotional campaign for a while, but stops doing this after some time.

However, such "dead" or "inactive" affiliate still leave the product in his "promoted products" list, thus some time ago he/she were displayed on all merchant’s statistics (General report, Daily report and Affiliate reports).

There are quite a lot of people who jump in to try promoting one or another product or just to test Click2Sell system and then leave it. So statistics of active merchants were overcrowded by such "affiliates/testers".

The tweak

Now let me tell you what we did in order to solve this.

Well, the solution was really simple: we removed all inactive affiliates from the reports. So now Click2Sell.EU General, Daily and Referral reports display only those affiliates who bring at least 1 view/visitor on a certain period of time.

This is a small change on the reporting side on Click2Sell.EU, but it decreased the load time of reports and the best thing is that such reports are much more informative, useful and easier to analyze for merchants than they were before.

As I mentioned it’s only a small change. But small changes adds up to the big ones. And these small changes will result in huge gains for all our members.


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