Take Full Advantage of Your PayPal Account

I won’t tell you anything new by saying that Click2Sell.EU works completely smoothly with PayPal. Basically, it is enough just to enter your PayPal email address and you can start using Click2Sell service for your internet business.

However, there is a thing that many people miss: PayPal API data. PayPal API allows third party services to connect to PayPal accounts and make necessary actions in background. Usually it is used for automation of various aspects of business and It’s safe to give out your PayPal API data to trusted parties.

It is not obligatory to save this data in Click2Sell, however it can make your life a lot more convenient.
By saving PayPal API data in your Click2Sell account you will be able to:

  1. Make mass payments to all your affiliates with just one click of a button. You won’t need to take any txt file and upload it to PayPal system like in some other affiliate networks. You won’t need to click “Pay” button for each affiliate, so you will save a lot of time by having PayPal API data available.
  2. Refund transactions easily from Click2Sell members area. If you would get a refund request from your unsatisfied customer, at least you can arrange a refund without a hassle. All you would need to do is to login to your Click2Sell account, go to “Transactions Report”, find the needed transaction and simply click on “Refund” button. It is much easier, quicker and more straightforward than in PayPal member area.
  3. Accept credit cards directly to your Paypal account without redirecting your customers to Paypal page. If you are serious about your internet business, you should really consider PayPal Website Payments Pro account, as it costs only $30/month. We wrote some time ago how direct credit card acceptance greatly improves your sales rate. However, please note that this account type is available only to U.S. residents.
  4. Pay your Click2Sell fees and affiliate commissions automatically. This will save you from necessity to login to your Click2Sell account just for paying fees and commissions. No more forgotten payments, no more suspicious affiliates, wondering why you are late to pay them. Just contact Click2Sell support about this and we will provide you with full information how to setup such automated payments.

How to get your Paypal API?

All Paypal Premier and Business account owners can request their API details for free from Paypal. Paypal Personal account owners need to upgrade their accounts to Premier or Business in order to be able to request API.

There are a few easy steps to request your Paypal API and configure your account on Click2Sell:

  1. Go to www.paypal.com and login to your Paypal account.
  2. Click the My Account tab.
  3. Click the Profile subtab.
  4. Under the Account Information column, click the API Access link.
  5. Click Request API Credentials.
  6. Click the API signature radio button.
  7. Complete the API Credential Request form by clicking the agreement checkbox and clicking Submit.
  8. Write down the values listed next to API Username and Password.
  9. Select the value listed next to Signature Hash, copy it, and save it to a file or some other location. This is your API Signature.
  10. You have now generated your API Username, API Password, and API Signature.
  11. Login to your Click2Sell account and go to My Profile -> My Payments Processors page. Click on existing PayPal account or create a new PayPal account there.
  12. Enter your API data into appropriate fields on this page.
  13. Click Save button to save your settings.

That’s all. After doing all this you will enjoy my mentioned bonuses. Just a few minutes for getting and entering your API data will save you quite a lot of time each month. For additional information or clarification of some aspects you can always contact Click2Sell support!

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