Revolutionary Way to Increase Affiliate Sales Making Products Reviews

Did you know that there is a new wave of marketing called social decision marketing? Basically this involves a way of influencing the customer mindset so that they are compelled to purchase the products you sell. In affiliate marketing the best way to achieve this is to review affiliate products and create affiliate products review.

Here are the 8 steps you have to take in order to start your own affiliate product review website and earn much higher affiliate commissions:

1. Find out your high-selling niche first
The first step before even proceeding to create affiliate products review is knowing what items customers buy the most. You can get this information by searching Google for the ‘most searched keywords’ or just go to Yahoo! And they wil list the hottest searches today. Do some keyword research to find out which keywords are searched the most today – are on demand, so you could get a better idea of what’s hot today and which products (that can be sold) are the most popular now. Once you know the list of these affiliate products, you will also know which niches do well and sell more.

2. Sorting out affiliate products based on niche
Once you know which are the niches that sell well you can browse through the list of available affiliate products for these niches. Then sort them out based on the high-selling niche.

3. Create affiliate products review website
So, once you have found a hot selling niche and a product to promote, you will also need to setup your own affiliate products review website, which will be solely dedicated to review affiliate products on the niche you are promoting. The key to writing reviews is to not make them biased, which we will discuss in the next topic. So, set up a website that will review similar products in a certain niche.

4. Compare Top 3 or 5 products in a certain niche and cloak your affiliate links
Now, find at least 3 (in most cases up to 5 products) in that hot niche and then start signup for their affiliate programs. Once you have your affiliate links, now cloak them and hide your real affiliate links.

5. Write unbiased reviews
Now once you have found an interesting niche and some of the competing – similar products, you must start comparing them and writing your unbiased reviews. Your reviews need to sound like third-person accounts of the products listed. Hence, there should be no tone of partiality or bias towards these products. Make sure to list both the pros and cons, as that helps to set a more honest tone. Customers are more likely to purchase products when there is a honest account of the facts.

6. Customer reviews also help
In addition to writing your own affiliate products reviews you are promoting, you can use any positive or negative other customer’s review. Then you should post it as well on your review site (just make sure the customer agrees that you post his/her review / comparison of the product). Other customers will tend to be more influenced by another customer’s review as compared to your own review.

7. Why you should create review based websites to sell affiliate products? Information sells…
In today’s age, most customers are fed up of promotional advertisements. Today’s customer wants facts and information about the products they want to buy. One of the first places customers will visit before buying a product is a review site. These sites provide valuable information on product features, pricing and other aspects, which cannot be obtained elsewhere. So that’s why you should do affiliate marketing with writing honest reviews about certain products.

8. Get more traffic
For the same reason, when you have your own review website, customers will be more inclined to read up your site. The more informational and useful your review site is, the more will customers click through to visit your reviewed product’s  affiliate links. As you can see, having affiliate products review website is a subtle way of promoting affiliate products online and the best thing is that the customer actually wants to buy products you are promoting.

Happy promotion!

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