New Feature 2: Make Affiliate Link Yourself!

In previous post I wrote about direct affiliate linking to checkout page. It’s time for another new feature in our recent Click2Sell version.

It is now possible to make-up your own affiliate links without having to login into your Click2Sell account and click on "Promote" link. This little nice thing allows:

For merchant: offer potential affiliates an easy way to signup to his/her affiliate program and start promotion in a second. It is especially useful when you have some different products as you can list all your products’ links in one place. Then your potential affiliates could start promoting all your products in a few seconds.

For affiliate: quickly start certain product’s promotion without making some clicks (go to Click2Sell, login, get affiliate link).

Let me explain how exactly the new feature works.
Here is default affiliate link in Click2Sell system:

Let’s take an example product called "Test". It’s ProductName is "testeretest1". If you are a merchant and want to give your potential affiliates an easy way to signup to "Test" affiliate program, you should write such URL in affiliate page:

Of course, you can write not ‘XXXXXXX’, but ‘AffiliateUsername’, ‘YourClick2sellUsername’ or anything else. The point is that your potential affiliate can simply replace XXXXXX with his/her own Click2Sell username and start driving traffic to such URL instantly. All purchases made through this affiliate link will be safely credited to the affiliate.

Moreover, you (merchant) can enable Post Affiliate Username to Your Sales Page option in the Step 2 of Add/Edit product, which will result in adding hopc2s=XXXXXXX parameter to the sales page URL, where XXXXXXX is username of the affiliate.

In this case customers visiting will be redirected to the So if you have a need to track affiliated visits on your own, you just need to grab parameter’s hopc2s value and use it. 

So as you see, this change is a time-saver. It is extremely useful when you (as merchant) offer a lot of your products to affiliates or you (as affiliate) pick many products to promote.

I hope you will find this useful and if you have any suggestion or thought how to improve/change this, just let us know!


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  1. mark hall Said,

    December 27, 2009 @ 7:08 am

    verygood reading love it thank you for the help

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