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How to pass customers information with transaction data?


Hi, Can the customer info be passed back at the end of a transaction? I’d like to know more about how to pass customers information with transaction data to my server?

Dear James,

Thank you for your question about how to pass customers information with transaction data. Yes, Click2Sell.EU can easily pass the buyer’s information such as: name, address, e-mail and all other contact information along with a transactions information: id, date of purchase, sales time, merchant’s and affiliate’s names, product’s names and all other possible data. All this information is passed┬áby Click2Sell API to your remote location script.

If you want to configure Click2Sell.EU system to send all purchase notifications to your servers/scripts, please, navigate to:
For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings –> API Settings
and enter your script’s location (URL) and enable the notifications. Then the system will send all the transaction/order data along with your customers info via HTTP POST method to your specified script’s location.

If you need some help setting up API notifications, please, let us know. We will do our best to help you!

Cheers! Egidijus – Support Team member

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