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How to delete Paypal account on my Click2Sell account?


Hi, I don’t actually have a paypal account, so if customers try to pay me via paypal it won’t work. Is there a way to delete the “paypal” option on the checkout page and just have Google Checkout? I’d like to delete PayPal account.

Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for your question regarding on how to delete Paypal account from Click2Sell.EU. You should login into your account and visit:
My Profile –> My Payment Processors –> Click on Setup button –> Unmap (unselect) Paypal from the drop down box/menu and leave the field for Paypal blank.
Then go back to My Payment Processors page and click on Paypal e-mail address to delete PayPal account from your C2S account.

Then Paypal will not be used to accept payments from your customers. Insted of it Google Checkout account which you have configured on Click2Sell will be used to receive payments on your checkout page. If you need some help with this configuration, please, let me know and i’ll assist you.

Best wishes,

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