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How to send login details to customers via e-mail?


I’m trying to discover if there is a way to send a confirmation email out to
the buyer of my product. I know I can send them to a thank you page but what
I’d really like to do is send login details out to them automatically when
they buy.

Is this possible?


Thank you for your question and interest in Click2Sell.EU. Of course there
is an ability to send out purchase confirmation e-mails for your customers.
When you make a sale, Click2Sell.EU system automatically sends a purchase
confirmation e-mail to the customer with all the details and an URL to
the thank-you page.

The system allows you to modify this e-mail to suit your needs. Just
navigate to: For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings (click on a
product’s panel) –> Configure product pages –> Checkout –> on this page
you will find forms on how to modify your product’s checkout page, etc.
Please, scroll down and at the bottom you will see: Customize Text of
Purchase Confirmation Letter .
There you will be able to add as much information as you want.

You can also use Click2Sell.EU API. We pass all the order information to
customers via our API. It contains all the order and transaction information
with lots of variables. An API notification is fired after each sale. We
also pass your customers e-mail address. So you can easily write a special
script on your server to listen for API calls and then once you get a
notification, capture the customers e-mail, enter it to your databases and
use it further: you can write (or hire a developer to write) a simple script
that would take that customers e-mail and send a special e-mail with all the
login details.
You can read more about Click2Sell.EU API on our Click2Sell Developers Blog:

I hope this answers all your questions. If you have any more questions or
just need some help, please, let me know. I will do my best to explain and
help you.


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