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Click2Sell API refund notifications


Hello Click2Sell.EU Support!

Jim here again. I need help with your API functionality. I am trying to figure out which of the variables that C2S API is posting can determine if a certain sale has been refunded or if a certain echeck payment have been canceled or denied? I can only see the acquire transaction ID and the transaction type which will show if it is a refund or not – but I don’t know if it still refers to the same Click2Sell Transaction ID that has been refunded.

Bottomline, I need to know if from the variables posted by C2S API I will be able to determine if a certain transaction has been refunded?

Regards, Jim

Hi Jim,

We have developed our own API that sends all the information instantly to a remote urls/scripts/locations. We can send all transaction information, secret keys md-hashed with transaction ID for you to check, etc. You can read all the information about Click2Sell.EU API on our blog.

This article contains all information required for developers to connect Click2Sell.EU with remote scripts and accept payment notifications. In order to enable the API posting settings to your scripts and configure all posting urls, visit: For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings –> API Settings

Each product can have it’s own separate API channel posting data to a specified url.

Moreover, Click2Sell.EU also posts the transaction ID and customer’s e-mail address via http-post method to the thank-you page, so if your thank-you page is capable of accepting these notifications our system can also post that data straight to a thank you page.

When the sale is refunded, the API notification sends the ‘refund’ response for the same transaction id. Please, check the provided link: there you will find a list of all variables passed by Click2Sell.EU API and this way you will be able to configure your scripts to accept certain type of responses. Yes, you will be able to determine if a certain transasction has been refunded – Click2Sell.EU system sends all information about changing transaction states. Jim, if you need some more help, just let me know.

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