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How do I delete shipping charges for ebook?


Hi, I tried to do a test purchase of my ebook and noticed that it was charging me $6.95 for shipping. How do I delete that so that no one gets charged any shipping since it’s a downloadable product?


Dear Amy,

Thank you for your questions regarding on how to delete the shipping charges for your downloadable product. Please, tell me: what kind of product’s selection you made when you were adding your product to Click2Sell.EU system (on 1st product’s setup step)? Are you sure you haven’t selected ‘Material’ for your product and then specified that shipping charge later?

You can easily check this out by going to: For Merchant –> My Products –> Edit Settings –> Configure Basic Settings –> STEP 1

If you see a downloadable product type selected then there is an issue with your Paypal account.

Please, login to your Paypal account and go to your Profile and select the option to configure shipping charges. I think your Paypal account has a pre-set $6.95 shipping charge added that’s why when a customer tries to pay you, Paypal adds an additional $6.95 shipping charge. Please, turn it off this shipping charge/calculation option on your Paypal account and then your customers will be charged a correct product’s price.

Amy, please, let me know how it goes. If you have any problems or anything, just tell me. We will solve your problem. I look forward to hearing from you!


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