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Problems paying an affiliate


HI! I have some problems paying an affiliate and when i click the button to make the payment it re-directs to paypal showing not only a different amount in USD but also a shipping and handling additional charge of USD 50. Any idea of what might be the problem? In advance, thank you very much! Vicky

Dear Victoria,

Thank you for letting us know this! Actually your problems paying an affiliate¬†happened because your affiliate is not only affiliate, but also sells his own products. He has a Paypal account configured to add those shipping costs automatically to every payment sent via web interface. So that’s why those taxes are added once you try to pay – it happens because of your affiliate account settings. I would like to suggest you an alternative way to pay your affiliate.

Here is the alternative solution on how to avoid problems paying and affiliate by doing this manually:
1) Login to your Paypal account
2) Send to that merchant’s Paypal e-mail address his affiliate commission manually (via Send Money function).
3) Once you are done, please, forward us your sent payment’s approval e-mail from Paypal
4) We will mark your payment as paid ourselves.

This way you won’t be charged those shipping fees or any other charges. Please, let me know how it goes. I look forward to hearing from you!

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